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Plat Edit!
Plat Edit is a level editor for Plat, a sidescroller game.

Project Status: Alpha -- Pre-release
Finished Tasks:
  • Getting a GUI and learn it's inside-outs --- Got gtk (c++ implementation)
  • Allowing the load of Bitmaps, the creation of enemy events, which can behave as level art only.
  • Moving enemy events.
Current Tasks:
  • Getting all the widgets to work smothly with one another. -- half-done :)
  • Understand the blasted Plat GFX format! ;)
  • Allow for the loading and saving of GFX's.

Future Tasks:
  • Make it all simpler.
  • Loading of JPEGS, and generaly every image suported by SDLImage.
  • More stuff here...

Screenshots - None yet!
Downloads - None available.