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GL Physics
GL Physics is a fun program that reads a script file and, from it, generates a world of physics :)
Imagine simulating the Solar System, for instance

Project Status: Beta -- Release 1 -- Pre Collision
Finished Tasks:
  • Finding out how to do stuff in OpenGL.
  • Handling the creation and drawing of (some) objects.
  • Implementing the script reader (make your own scenes, its fun :D.
  • Implementing object atraction and object movement.
Current Tasks:
  • Implementing colision (having some trouble with linear momentum conservation in 3d space).
  • Allowing the specification of the scene file as a program parameter.
  • Making the program more customizable allowing the change all sort of variables (now constants) related to the program.

Future Tasks:
  • Springs.
  • Rotation.
  • Particle system.
  • Faster code.
  • Whatever :)

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